I am a film / video director, designer, and writer. To book me in any of these areas, see my work and let me know: He’s Coming Productions

I am a fitness expert and have developed a fast track, low-impact workout anyone can do and feel the difference in a week. Sign up and get going today: The Capoeira Challenge

Do you need funding for projects or personal matters? Check out my program: You-Grants The world is no longer just at your fingertips.

I am a worship leader and a Word of YAH teacher, teaching, living, and doing Bible things in Bible ways. This whole God thing? It’s not, never was, and never will be about religion. It is about the Kingdom and it’s soon coming King, Yahshua the Messiah. Check out the teaching page for the latest teaching and enter the discussion. Email me if you’d like me to come and do a worship session or teach… no charge, but a love offering to pay for the travel would be needed.


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