Sunday Gracia


Thank you for visiting me.  Allow me to help you explore what I’m about for just a few minutes.  My purpose is to facilitate and help you become all that you can be in life, whether in business, in education, in projects, in science, in finances, and in your personal journey of life.

I am not religious. I am not a new ager. I am not a biggot. I am not judgmental. I am a free thinker, but I base my thoughts upon what I know to be ultimate truth. I am a citizen of the free and eternal Kingdom that is to come. I am a Business Consultant and Life Coach and have many exciting opportunities to help anyone and everyone looking to expand who they are and what they will become, and I make it reachable by showing you your potential and putting it to work.  I am also a musician and singer / songwriter.  I am an accountant.  I am a project manager.  I am a motivational speaker.  I am a business loan broker.  I am a holistic practicioner.  I am a massage and pressure point expert.  I am a fitness instructor with my own formulated program.  I am a photo and video professional.  I am a business developer.  And I am a man with a purpose within me directly from the King of the Universe.

Not everything can be done by yourself.  If fact, the very principles that create success, if you want success, is doing something with others involved that benefits them.  Now, you may have such a product or system, but if it’s not executing the way you think it should, there is a flaw.  Allow me to walk with you a mile in your journey and I’ll show you the principles that literally turned me into an over night success, and which has given me success in construction, in sales, in personal goals, and in life in general.

This isn’t free, because if you don’t pay for it, you will not value it.  You will not put it to work because it didn’t cost you anything.  This isn’t about gaining more knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, thought that will happen.  It’s not about me talking your ear off and tickling your mind so you can dwell on it and never do anything with it.  It’s about formulating a tried and true pattern of work that will get you the results you’ve been looking for tailored to your individual strengths.  And it works out your weaknesses as well to make you fully capable and well rounded.  Any positive industry, and honest endeavor, any good natured personal goal; allow me to help you get there.  Message me to schedule.  $50 on the first call. We’ll talk about the rest after you’ve seen results personally.

Be blessed!



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