In 2003, a dream began to formulate. In 2005, the plan was laid out. In 2007, HCP – “He’s Coming Productions,” was fully launched for the purpose of reminding the world through media that King Yeshua (Jesus) is coming soon, and for proclaiming the gospel of this coming Kingdom. It is a production company that endeavors to put out several film, video, book, and music projects and facilitate other independents and their media. The 1st official film is released now, 11-2011, “Curse of the Weed Eater.” Here are some links:

Curse of the Weed Eater
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IMDb Page
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DVD order Page ($3 for DVD in insert or $5.50 for DVD in case)

A little about Sunday Gracia – a builder:

“I am a citizen of the everlasting Kingdom. I recognize the whole Word of YAH as the infallible, unchanging, and everlasting truth by which we should live by and abide in His love. Hallelu-YAH! I am apart of the Hebrew Roots movement, and it’s not a religion… it’s a way of thinking according to the pattern of His Word and doing Bible things in Bible ways. Hebrew means: one who crossed over. I have crossed over from the darkness to the Kingdom of light and am a son of the High King. As concerning my perspective and the summary of this: This God stuff? It is not, it never was, and it will never be about religion, it is far more than just a relationship… it is about YAH’s #1 priority for me and you and this earth… the Kingdom (His Way); and the message of it’s soon returning King, *Yahshua the Messiah.”

Check out the Teaching page to see/read teachings from the Word and how they can apply to you today to empower you, to prosper you, and to free you from sin.

I am a full fledged and experienced Director, Casting Director, Writer, Actor, Editor, Design and Wardrobe specialist, and composer. My services are available at costs you can afford. Have a movie idea and don’t know what to do with it? If it’s faith driven, I can help it become a reality.

Check out this page to see my works:
He’s Coming Productions

Check out my upcoming projects:
He’s Coming Productions

Upcoming Titles:
Train to Estelline – The Centerverse Chronicles ——- a western period scifi set up in a trilogy series (books to come out soon)
Portal of the Dark – A King Solomon’s Sword of Truth Trilogy ——- a modern supernatural thriller
Trilbee, Princess of the Ozarks ——- an action/adventure connected to Portal of the Dark, but it’s own story line
Somewhere Alone ——- a mystery/suspense
Rusty and Petuna ——- an animated adventure of two house cats

More to come