Things Are Changing…

The business world is beginning to change fast.  The bigger conglomerates are getting stronger but are growing slower, and the mom and pop shops scratching at everything but are still diminishing.  What exactly is wrong out there?  It comes down to people being fed up with propaganda and lies and sales pitches and the general way businesses do business.

So, then what’s the solution?  The solution is to change.  It’s not just diversification and controlled growth and discovering streams of revenue and plugging them in.  It’s not about how great your sales script is and the words you use to get passed defense mechanisms.  It is in fact those very practices that are turning customers and clients away, and business owners into scammers to stay alive.  Not to mention the real scammers out there taking advantage of those who just want a chance.

I have that solution.  Take a few minutes and contact me.  Let’s recharge your business, and personal life as well, and make it something you can say will be a legitimate legacy you’re leaving behind.  Because in the end, that will be all that matters after you’re gone.

Be the man, woman, couple, and business you’ve been looking for, and this world desperately needs.  Let’s roll!


If you’re interested in having me come speak or work with your group within the continental US, send me a message.  Let me know what you’re looking to do.

For speaking engagements:
– $2,000 for motivational
– $5,000 for workshops
– $10,000 for a complete 30 day, hands on overhaul (a $30k value), work implementing, and growth resulting experience for established and start-up companies.


Send me a message and I’ll respond with my direct contact info.  First call is free.  Make sure you let me know the best times to call where you have at least 45 mins free.  $150 for the second.  $300 after that.  If it helps you make $1000 a week, it’s a worthwhile investment, but you may consider sessions by the week.


If you wish to use my connections for a project in film, science, engineering, construction, or business, I can act as liaison between your project / company and the potential investor(s).  Contact me if this is your intent.


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