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Manifestations – The Series

3 seasons – 21 episodes a season, and 1 movie in the midst of the 3 seasons.

A trailer for this project is being coordinated now. We will not ask the public to give to the project, but we will take love offerings. What we will be asking is, if this series is of interest to anybody and it can help using as a tool to entertain and promote discussions (break the ice) with others concerning the Word and the situations that they can relate to, then they may “prepay” for a copy of either every episode individually, or the whole series. Every week, the FILM PAGE will be updated so that it is known when an episode is fully funded and filming has commenced… however, even though it’s fully funded, the DVD, Blu-ray, or memory stick will be available to be bought. The following are Season 1 episode titles and synopsis as they are made ready:

This is how it will be sold to the general public, so tell friends and family:
— $2 per digital download (1080p)
— $5 per episode on DVD, $10 on Blu-Ray 3D
— $50 for the whole season on DVD ($130 on Blu-ray) and you don’t have to wait. When the whole season is purchased, you get a free code to watch it in streaming AND you’ll also get the DVD or Blu-ray package with bonus scenes, behind the scenes, and character backstories.

What to expect? No cursing, no outright nudity (but may be implied to fulfill a “feel” of a scene), no sex scenes (but implied if needed), nothing preachy except where merited, and always bringing the ideology of men face to face with YAH’s whole Word.

1 – Calling – Pilot Episode:
Catalina Zanetti, a nano-robotics researcher specializing in human enhancement applications, is reluctantly trying to keep her operation funded by giving in to pressure to provide the military with ready-made bio enhancers for soldiers. Daniel, a recent military veteran and wonder-or, contemplates his life at a local ranch where he’s worked and, thanks to favor from the rancher, has lived for the last 7 years. Yvette, a young, ruthless and renowned female assassin, has been contracted by a secret society with an agenda to “unify” the world under one ruler. Their paths are set before them.

$400 in and $49,600 left to go from the total goal of $50,000

2. – Visions
Randy Olsen, a corporate lawyer in Omaha, is at Anthony’s wedding, his best friend, when he keeps thinking about an event from the past; a love that haunts him, but Yvette has him in her sights to complete her first mission after being technologically enhanced. Senator James Wellington learns of a list of names decrypted from a terrorist linked cell, but no connections form with the exception of extended family. Daniel sees a being in a field of wheat.

$285 in and $49,715 left to go from the total goal of $50,000

3. – Manifestations
Daniel has a love interest, but an ex gets in the way; however, his attention is drawn elsewhere when he has a supernatural experience and decides to not continue attending the local university. Catalina is edging closer to a relationship with a man that she can’t seem to put a finger on why she just doesn’t trust him. Mason Wellington, the farmer, finally gets a phone call from his brother who has shunned him for 38 years.

$150 in and $49,850 left to go from the total goal of $50,000

4. – Deep End

5. – Setting Out

6. – Begin the List

7. – Underground

8. – Evasion

9. – Miracle

10. – Zanlabs

11. – Love of the Game

12. – Missing

13. – To Love

Fall break

14. – The Lonely Girl

15. – Targeted

16. – The War Within

17. – The Bottle

18. – The Mole Joins

19. – Zanlabs Revisited

20. – Catalina in Love

21. – Captured – Season Finale

The idea is to sell directly to interested viewers, so the goal is to create a trailer. Looking for actors and crew to fill roles for the teaser trailer.

1. Daniel – hispanic lead, mid 30’s, FILLED
2. Yvette Capella – 20-35 y/o blonde, assassin, master of seduction, from New Zealand (Aussie Accent, athletic)
3. Catalina Zanetti – 20-35 y/o brunette, italian descent, smart, scientist/researcher (athletic, businesswoman)
4. Howard Schneider – 30-40 y/o slender, geeky, highly intelligent (tall, red or light brown hair)
5. Mason Wellington – 50-65 y/o farmer type
6. Trevor Wellington – 18-25 y/o son of farmer, hick, loud mouth, Daniel’s friend
7. Beth Wellington – 25-30 y/o daughter of farmer, homegirl, speaks and does her mind (red head)
8. Caesar Romano (Shadowman) – 30-40 y/o dark, religious character (religious master, Italian accent)
9. Siyah Kurt – 40-50 y/o Turkish UN political leader
10. Mischfa Gusarov – 30-40 y/o Russian underground wrestler, (think Zangief, from Street Fighter)
11. Senator James Wellington – 40-50 y/o public political figure, half brother of Mason
12. Glasses man – 20-40 looking humandroid, black African decent, always wears glasses
13. Loca (Marianna Prieto) – 30-40 Columbian Hispanic, strong and built

1. Assistant Director – must have directed 1 or more films
2. Camera man – must know about DSLR equipment, angles, and movements (or ability and willingness to learn quickly)
3. Sound man – working with stand alone boom mics
4. Production Manager – will work closely with Director and Assistant to manage scene, design, costume, lights, and script

Trailer will be a 1-3 day event. This will be paid. Shooting will take place in Western and Central Arkansas within 100 miles of Fort Smith, Arkansas. However, when shooting commences, some scenes will take place in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Florida and other areas as needed, so you must be able to do 30% travel for your role (will travel as a group for costs).

If you’re interested in acting or being part of the crew, email with your reel, head or full body shot (doesn’t have to be professional), height, location (city/state) and age.

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  2. Are you taking actresses? I cannot come to the US…. so I would need a location

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